Mrs. Monique Dubrule
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Mathematics 7 - Learning about statistics. Your child will learn and explain the divisibility rules, solve problems involving percent, and add and subtract integers. They will add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. Your child will model and solve one and two-step equations, and solve problems involving area. They will understand the mean, median and mode for a set of data and create and interpret circle graphs. (

Mathematics 8 - Understanding ratios, rates and proportions. Your teen will understand perfect squares and square roots, and solve problems involving percents, rates, ratios and proportions. They will multiply and divide positive fractions, mixed numbers and integers. Your teen will solve problems involving the Pythagorean theorem, surface area, volume and probability of independent events. (

Mathematics 9 - Working with powers and polynomials. Your teen will solve problems involving powers and apply the order of operations, including exponents. They will solve problems involving operations on positive and negative fractions and decimals, and understand square roots of positive numbers. They will model and solve problems using linear equations and linear inequalities in one variable. They will also be introduced to polynomials and solve problems involving circle geometry and scale diagrams. (

Mathematics 10C - Applying and extending what students know from previous grades, your teen will investigate and solve real-world problems involving measurement. They will extend their work with patterning, algebra, and number concepts as they develop tools for solving new types of problems. Your teen will build on what they have learned about algebra to study graphs and explore patterns. 

Computers 7 - Students will work in google classroom and extend their knowledge when working with documents, slide shows, spreadsheets and paint brush. In this class students with explore making a claymation video and creating their own webpage.

Computers 8 - Students will master their technology skills with a focus in film studies. Students will explore film components, create trailers, and movie editing. Students will also extend their knowledge with google classroom and the collaboration using technology. 

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All incomplete homework will be done at lunch.